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A Full Real Estate Brokerage Firm And
Developer Services.

Our solutions are based on the best real estate analytical science on the market.

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Real Estate


We specialize 100% in commercial real estate services; Exclusive Sales, Rentals, and Searches in real estate such as land, farms, lots for commercial and residential development.

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Architectural Design

We are most passionate about this service, and we have the perfect team and architect partners. Conceptual and schematic design, approval of construction plans, private and government tenders, administration, and inspection of construction projects.

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Insights & Market Research

Timely investigation and analysis are prerequisites for correct decision-making. Our coverage and knowledge of the market, innovative analysis, forecasts are supported by the experience within the market and the commercial vision of our team.

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Real Estate


Through its Real Estate Development unit, AMERICAN offers investors the menu of services necessary to create investment projects.

Each specialty is developed and programmed to integrate a complete action plan from conceptualization and construction to quality controls, budgeting, and marketing, from identifying opportunities to the start-up and operational stabilization.

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Real Estate

Project Management

Real estate development and construction management are high-cost and potential risk centers for many businesses.
Our dedicated and experienced project managers and teams deliver detailed and proven risk mitigation strategies while delivering quality outcomes.

Our team of industry-qualified professionals has in-depth experience in all matters of design and construction methodologies.

We make it a point to thoroughly understand your business, planning, and operational requirements to deliver a concept to completion project solutions.

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Real Estate Marketing,

Media & Strategic

We offer full-service marketing, creative, design, media, and strategic plans for all Real Estate Projects, all grounded in a unique understanding of online culture and social behaviors.

Our designers bring our ideas to life. They collaborate closely with our creative and editorial teams to generate, enhance and execute ideas across different platforms and types of media.

We utilize all forms of media, including motion graphics, 3D design, animation, and illustration. We pay attention to social best practices and identify the most engaging formats, so each execution has the greatest possible visual impact.

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Republic of


We offer the best quality renderings of all the western regions of Panama. Real estate representation is a powerful marketing tool for real estate development.
Help turn a successful real estate broker into an outstanding one - a wizard who leads people to suitable homes and gets the best deals for his clients.

Real estate 3d rendering is an important area in architectural viewing that focuses on property. 3d real estate representation service is an intelligent solution and powerful tool to display properties in all their glory, even before the housing occurs.

It is an excellent opportunity for real estate developers to reveal the full potential of the building and deliver its actual value to future residents.

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Drone Surveying & Mapping Service

Drones help speed up and lower the cost of land surveying and mapping services with the ability to maintain a high level of precision and accuracy.

From a single parcel to thousands of acres, we can provide imaging data to you or partner with your land surveyor, engineer or architect to augment their services to help lower costs and speed up service delivery.
Our data can be used to produce a wide variety of work products including orthomosaic photos for detailed visual inspection of areas and topographic mapping.

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Real Estate & Development Legal Services

Because the Real Estate industry is extremely complex and fluctuant, all transactions in this area must be carefully handled with the support of an experienced tax and legal team.
We can support you with your business and industrial real estate matters, as well as tax and legal advisory related to the lease of residential and non residential premises.
Under our due diligence services performed for real estate projects we offer professional pre-transaction analysis, which helps in detecting the risks that might occur during a purchase or sale of property within your country and/or in other foreign countries.

In addition, our team of real estate attorneys also offer support in case of construction litigation and out of court negotiations, as well as with representation before state authorities, when necessary.

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