The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen: Faith. Hebrews 11,1


The substance of things hoped for,

We´re the product of the tireless desire to never stop dreaming. We are the evidence of what we hope to be and of the things that were not seen. We are AMERICAN®.

south This is our history

We´re delivery international first-class real estate services

By analyzing the history, demographics, and emerging trends in the market, we provide you with the knowledge and insight to make the best property investment decisions.

We specialize in commercial real estate services, sales, rentals, and exclusive searches of (land, farms, premises, warehouses, offices, and commercial buildings) for commercial, industrial, and residential development; also, in conceptualizing real estate developments.


Awesome team.

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    President | Founder

    Edynsson Dewys C. C.

    Real Estate Broker
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    Vice President | Founder

    Curro Montenegro

    Real Estate Consultant
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    Andrea Cordón

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    Real Estate Broker | Panama City

    Martha Arias

    Independent Partner
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    Associate Architect | Bim Manager

    Kevin Holman Whyles M.

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    Vp of Business Development

    Madelaine Caballero Cadiz.

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    Junior Designer

    Benjamin Abidan Caballero

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    Antonio Jose Osorio

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    Surveyor | Drone pilot

    Jose Vega

Awesome partners.

Sidca Constructora
Sidca Avaluos


Business Involvement



Professionals entrepreneur, talented, passionate, experienced, successful in what they do. We have a vocation for service and for excellent attention to our clients. We value the variety of our professional profiles, as it offers us a wide range of perspectives in each new situation.








In transactions

Challenge´s passion

We believe in providing first-class service, we show it with our well-trained agents, technologically advanced offices, and our world-class services. We achieve business excellence through personal integrity and hold our agents to the highest possible standards. We build positive and lasting relationships with our clients, colleagues, and community.

Our Commitment

American emerged in 2010. It is the result of the vision of Edynsson Deweys Caballero Cádiz and the inspiration of his father Mr. Venancio Caballero, R.I.P. Our policy is based on carrying out an evaluation of the specific needs that your business requires, based on technical and economic information, precise costs, specific comparables, and an intangible that arises from knowledge about the evolution of the market and its trends.




Being a projection company, willing to generate changes towards a culture of total quality, innovative, market model; being the effective, efficient and reliable link between the supply and demand of real estate.




Raise the concept of the Real Estate industry. Providing professional, personalized, and comprehensive real estate advice; oriented to safeguard the assets of our clients and guarantee the profitability of their investments.




1- To be the first and best technological real estate company. 2- To be the conceptualizing improvement of real estate projects. 3- To be the most important real estate developer in Panama and Latin America, setting real estate, architectural and modern trends.



Corporate values:

Ethics | Commitment | Honesty | respect | Loyalty | Experience | Professionalism | Passion

What clients said.

Heineken Panama

I had the pleasure of meeting and asking for help from AMERICAN, and I liked the ability to specify and follow up on the property sale project that we had. They have an excellent knowledge of the rules and great communication skills that easily meet the objective. Congratulations!


Rubén Alanis

American Real Estate & Developer are dedicated professionals. His heart is in the development of David City and its surrounding areas. It has excellent knowledge of the area as well as many vital contacts. It was fantastic to work with them. We did some exploring for development while I was with Radisson. Highly recommend them.

Vice President Development | Radisson Hotel Group

Piro Hernandez Clote

AMERICAN is a capable company with extensive knowledge in the real estate sector. It operates within an ethical framework and handles truthful information; they have the vision to carry out the necessary evaluations and studies to guide clients and investors on the best decisions in real estate. In particular, he has supported us with market research and negotiations, which he also handles with well-founded skills.

Regional Development Manager | Arcos Dorados Panama

Raul Ruiz
Regency Real Estate Developer

AMERICAN Real Estate and Developer fills us with pride since he represents more than a provider of real estate services for us. The consultancies and studies have greatly benefited us for our commercial real estate projects in the Republic of Panama.

General Manager | Regency Real Estate Developer

Michael Harari