The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen: Faith. Hebrews 11,1


Language helps us understand what another person is experiencing, how to support them, how to honor them.

Indeed, “Innovation starts here”, It starts with a dream, a wish, a hope, a desire. Then it materializes. This is where we take part. we take care of materialized dreams. those ideas of business, that concept, to take it to your full expression.

What clients said.

Heineken Panama

I had the pleasure of meeting and asking for help from AMERICAN, and I liked the ability to specify and follow up on the property sale project that we had. They have an excellent knowledge of the rules and great communication skills that easily meet the objective. Congratulations!


Rubén Alanis

American Real Estate & Developer are dedicated professionals. His heart is in the development of David City and its surrounding areas. It has excellent knowledge of the area as well as many vital contacts. It was fantastic to work with them. We did some exploring for development while I was with Radisson. Highly recommend them.

Vice President Development | Radisson Hotel Group

Piro Hernandez Clote

AMERICAN is a capable company with extensive knowledge in the real estate sector. It operates within an ethical framework and handles truthful information; they have the vision to carry out the necessary evaluations and studies to guide clients and investors on the best decisions in real estate. In particular, he has supported us with market research and negotiations, which he also handles with well-founded skills.

Regional Development Manager | Arcos Dorados Panama

Raul Ruiz
Regency Real Estate Developer

AMERICAN Real Estate and Developer fills us with pride since he represents more than a provider of real estate services for us. The consultancies and studies have greatly benefited us for our commercial real estate projects in the Republic of Panama.

General Manager | Regency Real Estate Developer

Michael Harari